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Welcome, new readers! My name is David Osorio, and I am the owner of CrossFit South Brooklyn (CFSBK), the first CrossFit gym in Brooklyn, New York. We started this blog, Inside the Affiliate, over four years ago in the interest of open-sourcing and sharing best practices for running a CrossFit affiliate. If this is your first time visiting, you're probably here because you watched one or more of the incredible videos produced by Michael Dalton and the rest of the CrossFit Journal crew, who spent a week hanging out with us over the summer of 2017, in honor of CFSBK's 10th anniversary. We are so humbled and excited to further our platform beyond this blog for sharing information about what works well for CFSBK. Below is the full list of the videos released so far in the "Inside CrossFit South Brooklyn" CrossFit Journal series. We will be reposting each video as they come out and after you're done watching, we hope you stick around to read some articles!

Diapers & Dumbbells
Call it a modern-day “baby boom”: CrossFit South Brooklyn increased the size of its coaching staff to keep up with the popularity of the Diapers and Dumbbells class. 

Group Class Coaching Expectations, Part 1
In Part 1 of the series, I discuss timeliness—how coaches can best manage their time and effectively communicate class flow to their clients.

The Docs
Doctors Mike Cutaia, 68, and Judy Feldman, 68, attend personal sessions with me and discuss the benefits of CrossFit from the perspective of being 68 years old and physicians.

A discussion about how varying your class types help strengthen your community and provide additional revenue streams at the same time.

More videos coming soon!

If you have any questions, let us know with a comment below.

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