CrossFit South Brooklyn 2014 Foundations Syllabus

Here is our current Foundations syllabus discussed in the article "The Benefits of Introductory Programs at Affiliates." If you like what you see, please adopt it or aspects of it into your existing program. The progression and points of performance we hit will be discussed in detail in future articles.

Foundations Class 1

Intro Lecture

Intention: To learn proper technique and our movement philosophy.
Strategy: Review how the classes will be organized and run.
Responsibility: Ours is to teach them good movement, theirs is to listen to your body, ask questions, start slow.

Bracing Sequence (how to stand, get tight)
DROMS (Standing)

Hip Hinge (teach importance of understanding and performing pure hip flexion)

2-3 Rounds:
15 Air Squats
10 Ring Rows
15 Sit-Ups

Jump Rope 101
Single Unders
Double Unders

Set up stations for WOD

For Time:
> Run 270m
21-15-9 reps
Ring Rows
> Run 270m


If cold or raining:

For Time:




Ring Row

Quick lecture (2-5 minutes tops)
Logging workouts


Foundations Class 2


Question of Day: Are you sore? Teach that you get better at being less sore (talk during DROMs)

Ext Rot Hip Capsule Mob / Samson stretch

2 Rounds:
10e Reverse Lunge
10 Push-Ups
20 Hollow Rocks

Review hip hinge and bracing sequence.
Basic top down deadlift progression .

Work up to medium 5 and establish starting weight for linear progression. Only go up in weight if form is consistent. Leave off describing what a basic LP is.

Kettlebell Swing 101
Burpee 101

7min AMRAP of:
14 Kettlebell Swings
7 Burpee (No Sprawl, non dynamic)


Foundations Class 3

Foam Roll: Quads/T-Spine/Lats (8:00 max)
Lecture: Importance of DIY movement prep before classes (discuss while foam rolling).

Low Bar Back Squat
Basic Rip progression

Work up to medium 5 and establish starting weight for linear progression. Only go up in weight if form is consistent.

Mention high bar squats as well.

Rowing 101

7 Rounds For reps of: (10 Minutes)
Row 1:00 for max Meters
Rest :30

Stay between 20 and 25 S/M

Cash out with Couch Stretch (if time)


Foundations Class 4


Overhead Band Stretch, 2 Ways
Mention Kelly’s book and Active Recovery Class


Strict Pullups/Chin-Ups 101
Teach using the bands, both hand placements and discuss a kipping pull-up and who it's for.

Strict Pull-ups 2x5 then Chinups 1x5

Press/Push Press/Push Jerk
Review basic progression for each then review each one at the end. Add small amount of weight.

AMRAP 7 Minutes (or Tabata mashup if tight on space)
7 Box Jump w/ Step Down
7 Burpees (Dynamic)



Foundations Class 5


PVC mid hang power snatch progression
Barbell mid hang power snatch + OHS progression


Dumbbell Thrusters 101

For Time: (15min cap)
Row 500
21 DB Thrusters
Row 400
15 DB Thrusters
Row 300
9 DB Thrusters

(Use Medball for depth, encourage people go to a little heavier)


Perspective lecture. Why they're here and why they'll get more out of this starting slow and focusing on the journey.



Foundations Class 6

Banded Front Rack Stretch (test/retest with BB?)
Ankle Distraction

Front Squat 101 (not out of a Rack)
Hang Power Clean Progression

Wall Ball 101

AMRAP 10 Minutes
15 Wall Ball Shots
270m Run

Vary the length of this WOD based on how much time you have.  

If cold or raining:


AMRAP 10 Minute:

15 Wall Ball Shots

15 KB Swings

(15 Minutes!)