Using a Movement Quality Scale at CrossFit Affiliates

In our 6th video with Beyond the White Board we talk about the utility of thinking about movement quality in the context of a Likert scale. By assigning particular movement quality trends with a number it becomes easier to create general expecations of movement, provide more quantitative feedback for qualitiative movement trends and is another way to communicate the movement quality expectations at your affiliate. Enjoy!


Best Hour of Their Day Podcast

I was recently on my good friend Jason Ackerman's new podcast, "Best Hour of Their Day" where he asked me all about what I attribute to CFSBK's lasting power over the past 12 years as well as some other general banter about the training industry. I've known Jason for roughly 9 years including working with on the East Regional team, hosting his "Own Your Eating" nutrition seminar at the gym and and in general lots over overlap in CrossFit land for the past decade. Jason is a good guy, check out this episode and the rest of his podcast!


Floor Sweeper Review for CrossFit Gyms

Here is a short review we made for a new piece of cleaning equipment we purchased for the gym floors. The Mach MEP Floor Sweeper is a push behind motorless vacuum that does an excellent job of pulling up dry debris (hair, loose chalk, dust, dirt etc) from your gym floor. We purchased this unit to replace the shop vac we were previously using and can't recommend it enough. In the video you'll see how it works on a gym floor, what kind of stuff it does and does not pick up and a little bit about why we chose this model versus other floor sweepers.

If you've got a large gym floor this is a great piece of equipment to quickly, easily and quietly dry clean your facility, we definitely recomend it.



What, Why and How: You need a Front Desk at your CrossFit Affiliate

Our fourth video with Beyond the Whiteboard is now live! In this eposide I talk about why you guys need a Front Desk at your gym. This is a subject I've written about before but we updated some of our information and made it into a video. Check it out!!


What, Why and How: Class Management Strategies at CrossFit Affiliates

Here is the third ITA video in a series I worked on with the awesome people at Beyond the White Board which was featured on the CrossFit Journal! This video talks about better ways to organize your class so that members can focus on the workout and the coaches can focus on running a clear and effective hour of training. Enjoy!


What, Why and How: Staffing Considerations at CrossFit affiliates

Here is the second ITA video in a series I worked on with the awesome people at Beyond the White Board which was featured on the CrossFit Journal! This video deals with different things to consider when putting together a staffing plan at an affiliate. Enjoy!


What, Why and How: Free Intro Classes at CrossFit affiliates

We recently partnered with our good friends at Beyond the White Board to create some affiliate content for the CrossFit Journal. Here is the first of a new series where we explain the What, Why and How for a variety of different topics aimed at helping CrossFit affiliate owners and coaches provide the best possible services for their members. This first video is all about our free intro class! Check it out!


A New York Decade: An Interview with CrossFit Journal

On Inside the Affiliate, we are continuing the celebration of CrossFit South Brooklyn's 10-year anniversary, with a new interview I recently did with the CrossFit Journal, titled "A New York Decade." Check it out for answers to questions such as whether I think an affiliate could start in a park today like CFSBK did in 2007, the difference between running an affiiate then and now, and my single best piece of advice for rookie or new affiliates. Give it a read!


Inside the Affiliate on the CrossFit Podcast

At the end of 2017, I was invited to join the CrossFit Podcast and share my reflections on 10 years of running CrossFit South Brooklyn, 256 days of cold showers, and two tattoos. Check it out!


Something for Everybody and Every Body at Your CrossFit Gym

As shared in my previous two posts, if you're new here, you probably found us because the CrossFit Journal team spent a week hanging out at CrossFit South Brooklyn (CFSBK) last summer in honor of our 10-year anniversary, and released a series of videos about our gym called "Inside CrossFit South Brooklyn." We are reposting some of these videos on Inside the Affiliate (click here for the full list of videos). Today, we're highlighting "Fit 55+," which shares more about how and why CFSBK strives to offer something for everyonein this case, a class specifically for our 55-years-old and up population. 

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