The Case for Increasing Variety at Your CrossFit Gym
Wednesday, November 22, 2017 at 10:04AM
David Osorio in Building Community, Programming

Welcome, new readers! As shared in my previous post, if you're new here, you probably found us because the CrossFit Journal team spent a week hanging out at CrossFit South Brooklyn (CFSBK) last summer in honor of our 10-year anniversary, and is releasing a series of videos about our gym called "Inside CrossFit South Brooklyn." We started this blog, Inside the Affiliate, in 2013 in the interest of open-sourcing and sharing best practices for running a CrossFit affiliate. As promised yesterday, we will be reposting each video on Inside the Affiliate as they come out (click here for the full list of videos). Today, we're highlighting "Variety," which focuses on our wide variety of classes, the principles uniting each class, and the reason we have so many—such as barbell-free circuit training, yoga, active recovery, and postpartum and age-specific classes. In total, CFSBK's coaching staff supports more than 100 classes per week.

If you've been reading Inside the Affiliate for a while, you might remember my recent article "10 Things I've Learned in 10 Years of Owning a CrossFit Gym." In that article, one of the 10 things I learned was that diversifying your offerings enables your gym to grow and increases member retention. CFSBK strives to be a neighborhood gym with something for everyone, and diversity of offerings not only brings in new people, but also keeps your longtime members engaged, making your gym a one-stop shop for everyone’s fitness needs. Read the article here, and watch the video above or over at CrossFit Journal

We're looking forward to sharing more of these videos with you as they come out. Thanks for reading and as always, post questions in the comments. 

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