This is great. I was very happy I stopped by CFSBK to speak with you briefly on my journey to starting my own affiliate. Your CFJournal videos about how you started out in the park, then subletting, led me to do the same in Tokyo. We've now been in business for three years and continue to grow with over 150 members.

Looking forward to seeing some more great stuff.

Chikara CrossFit


Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, David. I moved to Bali, Indonesia, about 15 months ago and started the first affiliate earlier this year. I've endured through a lot of trials, challenges, and rewards being a solo box runner to begin with, but blogs like this have really got me through a lot of the business management side of things. I'm thankful that we now have multiple coaches so I can finally breath. Thanks for the inspiration and guidance. Keep up the good work!

Crissilia Suta
S2S CrossFit Bali


As a fellow affiliate owner, I want to take the time to thank you for your contribution to our community.  I enjoyed reading Inside the Affiliate and was moved to reach you to say so. ... Thank you, David, and keep up the good work. I will be following this blog and it will be suggested reading for all of the coaches at Run Jump Lift CrossFit.

Coach Malcolm
Run Jump Lift CrossFit


I think that your blog concept is a great idea. I love what you have on there and will definitely be following along as much as possible. I run an affiliate in Australia and we have been open for 16 months now. We are in a heavy growth phase (both staff and members), so your information is exactly what I am looking for at the moment.

CrossFit Mur’bah


I usually delete any email I get that seems to fall in the "CrossFit Solicitor" category.

I'm really glad I didn't delete this one.

The content on your site is great and very insightful. I appreciate you taking the time to share your hard earned wisdom. It's been really helpful.

Keep doing what you're doing. I'll be listening.

Ricky Magana
CrossFit Heyday


This is awesome! So glad you are doing this! That is so cool! … I really enjoyed reading the tips you were sharing with everyone about running your affiliate and high touches in your classes. I do believe that this will help keep raising the quality of the CF movement and CF boxes. 

Nancy Meenen
CrossFit Seattle


Thank you for doing this! It’s always great to get fresh ideas and/or to confirm the things we feel are working well for us as well. As a relatively new and growing box, we truly value the input of your well-established business. Thank you sir, please keep the ideas coming.

Ian Barnhouse
CrossFit Philia


We added the component of giving names and asking a question at the beginning during the warmup and it's been great! Thanks for the wonderful tips and information!

Theresa Stephens
Raise the Bar CrossFit